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West Park Skate Birthday Reservation Form

You must be 18 years of age to make a reservation. If you are reserving for a child, you must be a parent or legal guardian.
Please share with us your daytime phone used during business hours.

The Honoree

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Party Details

Our Basic Party Package and Glo In the Dark or Roo Party packages are only offered on public sessions.
These are private party time ONLY. There is no public session and private party rates apply.
Friday and Saturday Night Birthday Party Times are between 7-10pm. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK ON SUNDAYS.
Choose your Party Package
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How many children are you inviting to your party?
How many invited adults will be attending your party? (do not include parents that are transporting their children but not involved in the party)

Make a Party Deposit

Price: $25.00
When you click Submit, you will be taken to Paypal to pay the deposit via any credit card. You do not need a Paypal Account to pay the deposit. Your reservation is not completed if you do you not submit your $25 deposit.
Let us know if you have any comments or questions.

Birthday Party FAQ

How long does my party last?

All party packages last 2 1/2 hours on Saturday & Sunday afternoons from 1:30-4pm. Guests will be admitted at 1:30pm and not prior to the session. Only parents bringing cake and/or ice cream may enter prior to 1pm. Please have parents arrive 15 minutes early prior to end of session to pick up children. We have private parties starting after the public session and you will be asked to wait in the lobby with your children’s guests for their late arriving parents.

When do you need a final headcount?

Table space is limited, therefore when making a reservation you will be asked approximately how many guests you expect. If your number of guests changes by more than 2, please call or email as soon as possible.

Can adults be part of the party package?

Only the children invited to the party are included as guests. Additional food may be ordered for adults that remain at the rink during the party.

What about the Parents of the Guests?

The parents of the birthday child skate free as part of the party package. Parents of children that are attending our birthday parties often wish to stay and skate. You can opt to pay for them or they can pay for themselves. Let us know at the ticket window if you wish to pay for any skating adults or not and we will handle it for you. Costs are: Saturday & Sunday Afternoons 1 -4pm – $4.00 skates included, Friday & Saturday 6:30-8:30pm – $3.50 plus skate rental $2

Are Children 2 & under included?

No, children 2 & under are not included in the party package or as invited guests.

Can I bring in outside food?

You may only bring in your dessert: cake or cupcakes and/or ice cream but no other food or drink. You will be asked to take it back out to your car.

What if I don't leave a deposit?
Birthday Parties that do not have a deposit holding the part area are subject to having another party put in place to cover the area for the session. Please make your deposit when you make your party reservation or when you receive your confirmation email.
Are Birthday Deposits Refundable?

We ask for a $25 deposit when you make your party reservation to hold your spot. We do not book other parties in your spot and if you cancel your party, we are left with an open area. Birthday Deposits are not refundable unless you alert us 2 weeks in advance and we are able to book another party in your area.

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